Gloversville plans renovations, updates

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council has agreed to use excess money from the previous sidewalk restoration program and capital projects from 2009-10 to update the computer server and software at the Police Department and renovations at City Hall.

The city has nearly $34,000 in excess money.

A total of $22,500 will be used to update the police software and server. The remaining $11,312 will be used for renovations.

Captain of Detectives Anthony Clay said the server is seven years old and out of warranty. He said repairs could be costly and take an extended amount of time to get parts.

“The server is what powers our entire information network,” Clay said. “Our concern with the current server is with the age. We are well beyond any warranty period, so if it were to crash, our department would be at a standstill.”

If the server were to fail, he said, officers’ jobs would be more difficult because they wouldn’t be able to access previous records, he said.

“Anything you do on the fly in terms of expense-wise is going to be a greater expense when it needs to be done urgently than if you plan ahead,” Clay said. “We are trying to be proactive and get technology in a place that will make us more efficient and also prevent a lot of bad possibilities in the long run if this thing were to fail on us.”

He said the department has became more digitized, which has resulted in the need for more computer power.

The department will upgrade the hardware, battery backup and equipment for network connections.

The city will have to pay for approximately 50 hours of labor for the work, at a cost of about $4,500. Any unused time will be credited to the department’s regular service plan, officials said.

City Hall renovations will involve the office on the first floor and the evidence room in basement of the Police Department.

“We are running out of space in our current evidence room, so we are looking to move the evidence room to a larger space that is currently the PBA gym in the basement,” Police Chief Donald VanDeusen said.

He said the current evidence room has had an ongoing issue with flooding. He said he hopes the renovations will address that issue. He said the department may move the PBA gym to a different location.

Other upgrades will include moving a laptop used by the mayor’s secretary to the assessor’s office for field work and getting a permanent desktop computer for the mayor’s office.

Levi Pascher covers Gloversville news. He can be reached by email at