Cleanup program planned

GLOVERSVILLE – The Department of Public Works will again conduct a citywide cleanup program to enable city residents to dispose of unwanted items, free of charge.

The city will provide three ways for city residents to take advantage of this program, a news release said.

There will be a drop-off site behind the transit facility on West Fulton Street that will be open for residents to dispose of unwanted items on these days: May 11 to 12, June 8 to 9, July 13 to 14, August 10 to 11, Sept. 14 to 15 and Oct. 12 to 13.

The release said residents will be allowed to dispose of household materials and electronics.

However, no hazardous materials or household trash eligible for weekly pickup may be brought to the drop-off site.

Another opportunity to throw away unwanted items, the release said, will start May 1 when bulk pickups will resume in each ward. These pickups will occur on a rotating basis as follows: Ward 1- May, Ward 2 – June, Ward 3 – July, Ward 4 -August, Ward 5 – September, and Ward 6 – October.

The news release said household items will be collected from terraces only on Wednesdays and the DPW asks residents to limit the size of the pile to 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall by 10 feet long.

DPW also requests electronics be separated from the rest of the household items, the release said.

Residents of the city also will be able to schedule a bulk pick-up at times apart from the previously mentioned assigned ward pick-ups for $45 for a 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall by 10 feet long pile that is payable in advance at the City Clerk’s office, the release said.

There is no limit to how many piles a resident can have picked up during the scheduled pick-up as long as the $45 is paid for each pile, said City Clerk Susan Semione. The DPW also said no loose items will be accepted unless they are in a box or bag.

However, the news release said, if the homeowner only has an appliance to be picked up they may purchase a sticker from the City Clerk’s office for $10 and the Department of Public Works will remove the appliance from the terrace.