Students’ smoking concerns teenager

I am a seventh-grade student and I am concerned about other students smoking.

I have seen that young people are smoking because of tobacco marketing. Many students I go to school with stop at a convenience store before they come to school. There are two stores in the area of our middle school. Either way you walk, you have to pass one.

In these stores, the cigarettes and tobacco products are right where we can see them, and there is marketing for cigarettes all over the windows. It makes children interested in smoking, and this is where 75 percent of kids shop at least once a week, and many of my friends shop there every day.

I think this is terrible; we have enough to worry about. We teenagers shouldn’t have to worry about tobacco marketing, too. If we continue the way we are going, children will die because of tobacco-related diseases.

I don’t want to see these products in convenience stores or in grocery stores either.