Be aware of vehicle and traffic laws

The Gloversville Police Department in conjunction with the Gloversville Business Improvement District would like to take this time to send out this important safety reminder.

Motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians who are in the crosswalk of any intersection that does not have an operating and functioning traffic control device.

Pedestrians should also be aware that they must always yield the right of way to vehicles when crossing the street anywhere other than at an intersection as described above. At no time is a pedestrian allowed to cross the street diagonally unless authorized by an official traffic-control device.

Failure to follow either of these rules is a violation of section 1151 or 1152 of the New York state vehicle and traffic law. Officers will be out looking for these violations and will be enforcing these laws.

As always, the Gloversville Police Department is asking the public to do its part to keep our streets safe for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We would prefer compliance with these rules rather than enforcement.

DONALD W. VANDEUSEN, Gloversville police chief

and KAREN SMITH, Gloversville BID