Sheriff’s dept. may buy items for police

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County supervisors on Monday favored allowing the county Sheriff’s Department to purchase nearly $18,000 worth of items for other police agencies from a grant the department received.

The Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee passed a proposed resolution at the County Office Building to amend the county’s 2013 budget for a 2012 state Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program grant the sheriff’s department received.

The Finance Committee will review the request Thursday, followed by the full board April 8. The amendment would include equipment purchases.

“This grant is designated to be shared with all the police agencies in the county,” Sheriff Thomas Lorey told the committee.

He requested permission to purchase several items identified in the grant application. The total cost of the items will be $17,949 and expenditures are 100 percent funded through the state. The sheriff said items to be purchased have been approved by the state Office of Homeland Security as allowable costs under the grant.

Lorey identified the following items: impact software remote desktop and mobile services for the Gloversville, Broadalbin and Northville police departments – $7,948; USB Air card services for a mobile system – $6,122; and impact text messaging software – $3,878. He said some of the items will assist local police with what is already available.

“It’s strictly a backup system and it works well in most areas of the county,” Lorey said.

The committee also passed a proposed resolution to transfer certain other items from the sheriff’s department to the Gloversville and Broadalbin police departments. Lorey said he identified the items – a scanner purchased in 2005, which goes to Gloversville, and three printers purchased in 2006, which go to Broadalbin – as excess property.

The items are to be removed from the sheriff’s department’s fixed assets and their ownership be transferred to the Gloversville and Broadalbin police departments.

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