NRA head brings in plenty of money

This is in response to two of Bruce Bump’s comments in his letter to the editor, the first of which claimed NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre does not receive bonuses after each horrific act of gun violence, such as that at Sandy Hook Elementary?School.

It is not as simple as that. Most NRA members know that the $25 annual membership fee paid by the 35,000 members comes up far short of LaPierre’s $974,000 annual salary, including benefits. (Not to mention his large staff.)

Each spike in gun violence, however, results in speaking engagements which net him untold sums of money as well as many fundraisers. Much of that money is used to bribe congressmen or threaten them with a primary challenge if they do not toe the line.

Spikes in gun violence, such as events like Sandy Hook, are wake-up calls to those who hold human life sacred while background noise such as crime and grinding poverty in big cities receive relatively little notice. Mr. Bump is correct in that assessment, but that is usually the result of weak, if not nonexistent, gun-trafficking laws and background checks. Common sense tells us we should have federal laws to provide background checks and control of gun trafficking. Ninety percent of the American people want it as well as most NRA members.

Common sense tells us also that since the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed the right to bear arms in 2008, the government will not take our guns away, which was the opinion written by Antonin Scalia in the Heller case.

So what is the problem? We can only look to Wayne LaPierre, who has not been making any sense at all.

We should be reminded NRA members can vote him out.