Victims’ families confront killer

FONDA – Family members of Ivan “Big Man” Ramos’ two stabbing victims had harsh words for him Wednesday before he was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths.

Sarah McDermott, daughter of victim William McDermott, looked directly at Ramos and told him in court, “This day right here is anyone’s nightmare, because of you.

“How does it feel to look into my eyes knowing what you did?” she said.

She said her father had helped Ramos with his personal problems.

“Is that how you pay him back?” she said to Ramos.

Erin Connelly, McDermott’s daughter, said Ramos stole a father, grandfather and a close friend to many through his actions. She said Ramos still causes suffering when she has to talk to her son.

“I had to explain to my son what happened to Papa Bill. I had to say someone hurt him,” Connelly said. “He asked me if a monster hurt him, and I said, ‘Yes, that’s exactly who hurt him, a monster.'”

Ramos was sentenced by Judge Felix Catena to life in prison without the possibility of parole Wednesday for the two murders last year in an Amsterdam apartment.

Ramos, 30, of Amsterdam, convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in February, denied the killings before his sentencing in Montgomery County Court.

Ramos was found guilty Feb. 2 of stabbing and killing William McDermott, 56, and Cheryl Goss, 46, on March 2, 2012, at McDermott’s 359 Locust Ave. apartment in Amsterdam.

Hope Faboskay, a daughter of Goss, said Ramos got what he deserved.

“You disgust me, I hate you,” she told him before his sentencing. “I hope you suffer. I hope you rot in jail the rest of your life.”

“He’s got no remorse,” Faboskay said. “I hope he suffers just like Mom did.”

Before the sentencing, Montgomery County District Attorney James Conboy compared Ramos to a wild animal. He said most of the time, animals shun human contact.

“Occasionally, a wild animal crosses the line and invades humanity. When that happens, the wild animal has to be dealt with, the wild animal has to be dispatched,” he said.

“Ivan Ramos is an animal. The only thing remotely human about him is he has an opposable thumb,” Conboy said.

Catena told Ramos, “This court believes you’re incapable to live in a free society which requires people to observe basic and simple rules. You’ve demonstrated contempt for those rules and an inability to follow them.”

Ramos has prior convictions for armed robbery and assault, but he maintained his innocence at Wednesday’s proceeding.

“I did not brutally kill William McDermott or Cheryl Goss,” Ramos said before his sentencing.

According to police, Ramos had gone into the apartment to meet with McDermott and then stabbed McDermott and Goss to death. Video from several locations show Ramos approaching and leaving Locust Avenue, authorities said.

At the scene, Ramos and McDermott struggled, ending with McDermott lying on the floor of the apartment building’s hallway with several stab wounds, authorities said.

Ramos dragged McDermott back into the apartment, leaving a blood trail, authorities said.

He then stabbed Goss to death inside the apartment, officials said.

No motive for the killings has been given.

Debby McDermott, sister-in-law of William McDermott, said she was happy to see justice served.

“I’m glad as hell,” she said. “The DA couldn’t have done a better job.”

Bob McDermott, brother of William McDermott, said family members are satisfied with the sentence, but none ever would get over the murders.

“We just have to move on with our lives,” Bob McDermott said.