Agency still waiting for transfer of Tryon

JOHNSTOWN – The deed transfer of the state’s former Tryon Detention Center to the Fulton County Industrial Industrial Development Agency is taking a little longer than expected, IDA Executive Director James Mraz said.

The IDA is trying to obtain the property deed from the state so the agency can construct a new Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center on County Highway 107. The business park would encompass land in the towns of Perth and Johnstown and feature nine large shovel-ready sites ready for development.

The state on Sept. 20 approved transfer of the property to the IDA, but the property hasn’t been formally deeded over yet. Transfer of the title is pending completion of an environmental site assessment of the former Tryon site by C.T. Male Associates of Latham.

Mraz said in November that transfer of the 515-acre property was expected sometime after C.T. Male received some needed information on underground tanks at the Tryon site.

But Mraz said that although the information was expected in December, the state didn’t turn it over until February. Now, he said the environmental review continues, although he expects it to be completed by the end of March.

“That’s kind of what we’re completing,” Mraz said. “We’re progressing on parallel fronts.”

The IDA said the agency also is still working on documents to bring the title transfer to fruition.

“Once we can wrap up things on the environmental front, we can hopefully move more quickly on the closing,” he said.

Mraz told county officials last month that although nine large sites are planned, three other smaller Tryon lots totaling 61 acres would be available for development. The entire Tryon site totals 515 acres, according to a survey from Ferguson & Foss Surveyors. Seventeen acres have been designated as wetlands, including a 15.4-acre spot near the center of the property. Mraz said that spot will sit in the center of the loop, and the other wetland, 1.7 acres east of the access road, won’t pose a problem.

The county has a $2 million state grant that will be used to pay for the road and water and sewer upgrades.

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