Postcard dated 1914 went from Ireland to Gloversville — and back

GLOVERSVILLE – Ninety-nine years ago, a woman named Barb sent a postcard from Ireland to a Miss Lula MacDonald in care of “Adler’s Factory, Gloversville, NY, USA.”

Recently, the postcard returned to Ireland and is in the possession of John Morely, a resident of Oranmore, not far from where it originated.

“The postcard itself I bought on eBay from a dealer in England,”?said Morely. “How he got it I don’t know, but I feel sure that it was delivered to Miss MacDonald.”

Details about the sender and the recipient have not emerged, but Morley guesses that the sender may have been looking for work in Ireland because the summer of 1914 was a time of labor unrest among the glovemakers of Gloversville.

The picture on the postcard shows a Galway landmark known as the Lynch Window.

“Today it is a must-see for tourists to Galway because of the legend attached to it,” Morely said. “This place is said to be the place where a mayor of Galway hung his own son in about 1490.”

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