Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To a job well done. When some people retire, they are given accolades by others from a podium addressing a large group in attendance. Others just go silently – others like Gloversville native Susan Kiernan. For 19 years, Sue’s name was synonymous with Nathan Littauer Hospital. At the time of her retirement, she was serving as vice president of development. She was a part of the leadership team and volunteers who have worked to make the hospital and its eight centers an apex of high-quality health care facilities in our area. Sue is one of our shining examples of a person who was born in Gloversville, went off to college and worked in Ohio and Milwaukee, but when the opportunity for professional advancement turned out to be back home, she came back and gave back. She worked hard at her job and in the community through her involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Valley Hospice, Family Counseling Center, Soroptimist and more. Thank you, Sue, for coming back home. May you enjoy your retirement and get back to an excellent game of golf.

JEERS – To another Bloomberg boondoggle. Our sister paper, The Jamestown Post Journal, runs a “thumbs upthumbs down” weekly column, similar to the “cheers and jeers” you are reading now. We agree with the thumbs down to another overreach by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. Earlier this week, Bloomberg announced plans for a social media campaign to warn young people about the dangers of listening to loud music through their headphones. So far, the New York City Health Department has raised $70,000 for the campaign. We understand loud headphones aren’t good for one’s hearing, just like we understand drinking too many sugary drinks aren’t great for the body. One would think, though, there is a better use of $70,000 at a time when most departments are crying poverty. Surely, there must be an actual public health issue in New York City that could use the money.

CHEERS – To the Fonda firefighters. At 12:01 a.m. Thursday, after more than a century of service, the Fonda Volunteer Fire Department officially was dissolved. The department, known at the beginning as Mountaineer Hose Company No.1, started with Charles Dunbar as its first chief (called a foreman). The last chief was Donald Wagoner. Through the years, the department has protected a community, saving lives and providing comfort when needed. Merely expressing a thank you to all of you who have been a part of the department barely expresses the gratitude for your remarkable, and at times heroic, service.