‘Searchlight’ will reveal motives in life

Men will either stand at the Bema Seat of rewards or the great white throne judgment where God will, as he examines us, place the searchlight on our hearts. Did you love your neighbor as yourself? Did you invest your money in the kingdom of God through tithing? Did you receive Jesus, my son, in your heart? Yes, Christ is coming back like a thief in the night for each of us at death. After death, the “searchlight” will be placed on our hearts to see if we are fit for the kingdom of heaven, and if the blood of Jesus does not cover our lives, we will be cast away from his presence. Each and every one of us is appointed a day and a time for death.

The searchlight will be placed on our hearts to reveal if there was ever a day and a time in our life when we said, “Yes, Jesus, I trust you as my personal savior and Lord. I surrender my life to you believing your shed blood paid my sin debt in full and you arose from the grave personally for me.” If not, we will step out of Christ’s presence into an eternity of depression, deep depression, in hell for anyone who has rejected Christ is seeing the glory of heaven, but separated by a chasm for all a time, forever.

The searchlight on our hearts will reveal why we did the things we did in life. A righteous man’s good deeds will be evaluated not to determine whether he can enter heaven, but how many rewards he receives. An unrighteous man will be judged to determine the degree of his punishment.

You see, the great truth is, a man can perform a good deed for the wrong motive. The searchlight of God will judge every man’s conduct which flows out of character. The searchlight probing our hearts will reveal if in our lifetimes we produced good fruit from having received salvation or bad fruit from rejecting to have all, yes, all, our sins forgiven. Purgatory is a false teaching, but hell is real and scriptural.