Neighbor a larger problem than big cats

Recently a lady wrote a letter about her visit to see Steve Salton’s animals. She described their housing and the fences. Like she said, people should call Steve and go see for themselves what it is and not believe all the untrue things being written and said.

Steve’s animals are as clean and calm as your house pets, just bigger. They get more love and attention than some people’s children do. Each one has a monitor and camera so he can see them from inside his house. If one gets uneasy, he can talk to them and they calm right down when they hear his voice because they know everything is all right.

We have been there twice and never heard a growl or a roar. We did hear the panther purr, because she was happy to see Steve and he patted her.

We took a ride out back to a neighbor’s property, who has said he can’t sell it. Who would want to live out in the woods so far you can’t see the main road? Poison ivy and Lyme disease from deer ticks are a bigger threat than tigers and big cats.

If the neighbor heard growling, the big cats were reacting the way your dogs do when a stranger comes to your door. Dogs bark, tigers growl.

Why don’t all of you people causing trouble for the animals spend your time on the real problem, the neighbor. Some of you have never gone to see for yourselves. No one knew about the animals until the neighbor told the world. Look at all the free advertising he is giving Steve.

Let your conscience be your guide. Stop the nonsense. Go see for yourselves. Call first; you could even make a little donation for animal food.