Letter was hypocritical

Richard Ward’s letter to the editor published Feb. 10 needs to be called what it is: hypocritical.

While Mr. Ward may have valid points about school funding, he is the last person that should be speaking about this publicly.

As a reminder please read the Sept. 21, 2011, article in The Leader-Herald describing his exile from the Mayfield campus. He was given a “newly created position” as a grant writer – which had a comparable salary, $79,000 per year, to his old job – and was sent to work on the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services campus. His pay is higher now and I think the public has the right to know several things:

1.) How many grants has Mr. Ward written?

2.) What is the amount of money awarded to Mayfield for those grants?

3.) Is he still located at the BOCES office?

If he wants to see Mayfield in a better financial situation, do the right thing: retire and let Mayfield move on from this farce. Time for him to stop the “trickery” and give the district what is due to it: relief from his salary.