Board OKs grant funding

FONDA – The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors recently approved a resolution that continues grant funding for the education of election volunteers.

Finance Committee officials put forth a resolution in a February committee meeting to the Montgomery County board.

According to the resolution, the Voter Education/Poll Worker Training grant has an unexpended balance of more than $12,244 and the Federal Accessibility Funds grant has an unexpended balance of $1,988, which needs to be extended, and is about to expire.

The board, according to Terrance J. Smith, the Republican election commissioner for Montgomery County, would need to sign the resolution so Montgomery County still would be funded by the grant.

The request for an extension for the grant contracts has to be returned to the state Board of Elections by Sunday.

The grant would cover the county from April 1 through March 31, 2014.

Another resolution brought forth would move $7,500 from the contingent account of the Board of Elections to computer software to pay for repairs and upgrades to the computerized voting machines.

Both resolutions passed with the full board’s approval, save for two absent members.