Excited about the potential of Rail Trail

We are excited about the article in The Leader-Herald discussing the potential completion of the FJ&G Rail Trail.

We bicycle on the trail frequently and enjoy it immensely. We use it to ride to Johnstown and have lunch, or to stop and have dinner in the summer. We would use it to ride to Broadalbin and spend time there. We have participated in five-day bicycle trips called the PA Sojourn through the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy and have always hoped that someday, our trail would connect us to other trails, encouraging greater tourism dollars.

Bicycle riders are typically easygoing, environmentally conscious, health conscious and concerned about safety. They have money to spend, and like to stop and visit places that are interesting or different. We believe the extension/completion of our trail would only benefit this area, not only by bringing in potential tourist dollars, but by contributing to the quality of life for all of us who live here every day. The Rail Trail is a year-round linear park, and can be used for cross-country skiing in the winter and rollerblading, bicycling, jogging or just walking in warm weather. It is a wonderful place to walk to take in the fresh air, push a stroller without worry of curbs or cars, or take new, young riders out to try their skills.

If you haven’t been on the Rail Trail recently and you don’t have cross-country skis, you should try it out as soon as the snow has melted. Enjoy it -we do.