Youth members bring new ideas to commission

GLOVERSVILLE-The Recreation Commission had a number of fresh ideas for future events presented to them by the two unofficial new youth members at the group’s meeting Thursday.

The Recreation Commission bylaws state the commission can have a maximum of two youth members on the commission, although those members do not have a vote for final decisions.

The commission welcomed its two unofficial new members, 16-year-old Josh Daly and 17-year-old Josh Fonda, both Gloversville High School students.

They remain unofficial youth members until they are approved by the mayor and Common Council.

Although Daly and Fonda were new to the commission, neither took long to suggest a bevy of new ideas they thought would be good for people their age and others who live in the city.

“The amount of people that just sit on the couch all day bothers me,” Daly said. “We have so many great resources and things out there that aren’t being utilized. We should at least let people know what is going on out there because many are uninformed on what is going on in their own city.”

Fonda said he decided to get involved to be more of a part of the community and help influence people to get involved in less popular sports like golf.

He suggested having a golf clinic in the summer to help kids learn the basics of the sport.

Daly and Fonda suggested having some type of city pride day that could be called “Gloversville Day” where the city could have a parade and other vendors on Main Street.

They also suggested sporting tournaments including tennis, soccer, and baseball at Darling Field.

Daly discussed having a Best Pizza in Gloversville contest during the the celebration.

They also suggested having field day events such as tug of war and potato sack races at Littauer Field for those who aren’t interested in traditional sports.