‘Blue’ zone raises concern

In a recent news article about the town of Mayfield’s proposed comprehsive zoning plan update, it was reported the Close family farm is “blue” (the color for proposed recreational-zoned land on the map) due to the proposed rezoning of our property for recreational use.

It also is of utmost importance that it be known that it is being done to several other families in the town. Their land is located south of the Mayfield bridge along School Street out to Route 30 south to Vail Mills. They too are also “blue” and do not want this. As is my case, it will hinder their day-to-day options as well as what they do in the future. Just because they do not milk cows, there are other agricultural practices that occur on these lands, such as haying, firewood, maple syrup production, etc.

I do believe the advisory committee on zoning for the comprehensive zoning plan has taken our concerns seriously and will rectify them. I’m looking foward to the next public meeting.

Also, I hope anyone who has not seen this 126-page document can go online or get a paper copy to see what has been proposed for not only us, but for the whole town. There are many, many suggestions and ideas to consider that will affect us all.