Glad to see efforts taken in Gloversville

What a joy to read that our old Glove Theatre, now the Glove Performing Arts Center, is undergoing its renaissance, as revealed in The Leader-Herald on Feb. 3. It is so comforting to know that one of our many historical gems will have its rebirth because of the combined generosity of Renee (Schine) and Lester Crown and many people of our special community. In this case, the Samrovs (Richard and JoAnn), the theater’s volunteer executive director, and Mark Finkle, president of the Glove’s Board of Directors, and many others involved deserve a lot of credit and our gratitude for “righting” a lovely “ship” that was “sinking” fast.

Because we have the privilege of serving on our Gloversville senior center Board of Directors, we realize the situation at the Glove can be likened to that of our very useful senior center. We, too, were “sinking” fast. With our active and effective board’s reduction of paid employees and replacing them with wonderful volunteers – several from the board itself who have contributed so much time and effort – with the induction of several new and very energetic board members who, with our able president, make a great team, with the loyalty of the center’s many members and with the generous financial efforts of local entrepreneurs, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, many fundraisers continue to be planned, at least one per month. The ones that have been held have been most successful and “left a good taste in everyone’s mouth.”

Among future ones are a ham and cabbage dinner in March, our annual “Walk for the Gold” in late spring, etc. Volunteer efforts will be the crux for success for our senior center now, with strong hope for our city council’s financial assistance as they are able. Meanwhile, we must depend on the kindness and loyalty of fellow citizens for some solid assistance.

We, as two surviving and grateful residents, salute whatever rescue efforts are being made for good and dear ol’ Gloversville.