Thanks to department for quick response

I wish to express my many thanks to the Johnstown Fire Department for their prompt and compassionate action in responding to our house fire this past Thanksgiving.

They arrived within three to four minutes after the call. They secured the situation, and the professional manner in which they eased our tension was most appreciated.

As a responsible homeowner, I have always felt I was prepared in the event of a house fire. How little did I realize that a small fire can get out of hand very quickly.

Within minutes, my kitchen was filled with suffocating black smoke, which blinded us. At that point we knew the situation was out of control, forcing us to evacuate by crouching below the blinding smoke.

Once outside, the 911 call was made and before we knew it the Johnstown Fire Department had arrived.

I was so impressed by their calm, courageous demeanor when entering into the unknown under such blinding conditions.

My family and I are highly indebted to these dedicated men and women in the department who put their lives on the line to save our home this Thanksgiving.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an emergency fire evacuation plan in place, smoke detectors with fresh batteries and the proper fire extinguishers on hand.

Again, many thanks to the Johnstown Fire Department.