Individual chooses cemetery, not spouse

The world has gone nuts because people have gone nuts.

Recently, one has lost a loved one who lost a two-year battle with cancer. One tries to cope with the loss. After a while, each week gets a little bit better as one struggles alone with all the various things that have to be taken care of pertaining to not only being alone, but certain legal tasks that need to be taken care of. All this with coping with the loss of a loved one.

You are on your way out the door and in picking up your just delivered mail, you see an envelope which looks like a personal letter. Your curiosity gets the better of you so you stop and open the envelope and wish you hadn’t. The note inside of the envelope is chastising you for the cemetery where you have buried your loved one. The writer of the note is connected with another cemetery where the writer expected your loved one to be buried. At first you are stunned, then anger engulfs you.

Choosing one’s burial spot depends not only on the condition of a cemetery, but on, when a family plot is involved, its condition. Sometimes, old cemetery plots deteriorate because of the method of burying people in the early times. Nowadays, there are more restrictions to prevent the collapse of graves in future years.

When someone knows his time is coming to enter into the arms of God, he makes the decision of where he wants to be placed after death. This is a personal matter and the person’s wishes should be respected. For someone to chastise the surviving spouse because it is not that person’s preferential burial spot in that person’s preferred cemetery is selfish, inconsiderate and shows a lack of compassion for the surviving spouse.

It is no wonder the whole world has gone crazy when you have this kind of thinking by people you once respected.