Birdhouse Builders

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Gardens and Trails Club hosted a Build-a-Birdhouse Workshop on Saturday at the Student Union Building to draw attention to the new club and the FMCC Trail northwest of the student housing facility.

Residents of the two counties were invited to come build a birdhouse for $10 and either take it home or sponsor its installment along the campus trail.

Saturday’s was the second of two such workshops this week, and Club President John Conley said the club wants to get people more involved in the outdoors life on the campus.

“We want to try and get people out there on the trail,” he said. “We have new dorms now with people coming from an urban setting. We’re basically trying to get people to go outdoors and get outside. We’re here on the southern tip of the Adirondacks, and nobody’s going outside. Our interest is to promote the homes of birds and get people outside to do something.”

Once the birdhouses are installed, each will be assigned a GPS location, so people can find them.

Conley said the current club members may only be at the college for two years, but the birdhouses will be there for many years to come. And future students will continue to take care of the sponsored birdhouses.

Heather Labore, vice president of the Audubon Society of the Capital Region, said she had a chance to walk through the FMCC Trail, and she said it was a gift for the community.

“It’s great for the community,” Labore said. “Kids can walk it. Adults can walk it. It’s a fantastic [trail]. The Gardens and Trails Club here is fantastic, and we’re so glad to come here and support that. Because the Audubon is about encouraging people to make bird-friendly communities, bird-friendly homes and schools. What they’re doing definitely encompasses that goal.”

Conley said he was happy with the turnout, with most of the participants coming around 1 p.m.