No blood sent with dues

This is a response to Jack Cassidy’s recent letter to the editor.

First, Mr. LaPierre’s salary is the same now as it was before any tragedy took place. He, like thousands of other successful businessmen and women in America, has landed a job that pays a very big salary. His salary has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I find it very offensive that you and other gun-control advocates use these horrible events performed by the severely mentaly ill to push your agendas and idiotic ideas. Every time I read or watch a news story about a shooting, nine out of 10 are drug- or gang-related, including any that have happened in our local area.

I am a law abiding citizen that obeys the law, respects the Second Amendment and owns guns to protect my family from these criminals. I am a member of the NRA and there is no blood sent with my dues.