Boards agree on water lines

BROADALBIN – Village and town officials met Tuesday night to review the agreement that will give roughly 20 residents of Union Mills Road village water as early as next week.

Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo, Clerk Kim Verrego, Councilman James Wheeler and Councilwoman Tina Winney attended the village meeting Tuesday and decided they were pleased with the agreement the two municipalities have for the water district.

The agreement will put the water lines in the jurisdiction of the town until it pays off the $500,000-plus cost for the installation of the lines. DiGiacomo said after the meeting it already has paid back $100,000 in the last two years, but told the village board it’s still going to take several years to pay back.

Once the lines are paid off, the town will hand the district over to the village but still collect the money from the district residents.

Before they are paid of, the village will keep records of the water usage and forward the bill to the town to collect.

The Department of Health required all the Union Mills Road hookups to have valve systems that will keep residents’ village water separate from their well water. Many residents want to maintain their wells despite the past salt contamination that prompted the construction of a new water line in the first place. More than 10 years ago, officials discovered road salt from the town’s storage shed was contaminating wells at 20 homes and the Town Hall. The town has been paying for bottled water for the residents, but officials decided the most cost-effective solution would be to extend the village water line to serve those homes.