Mayor dedicated, caring

I haven’t lived in Fulton County my whole life. I’ve only experienced what it’s like to live in a small city for the past 13 years, when I chose to reside here in Gloversville. I have found it to be a wonderful place to call “home” and raise my daughter.

I met Mayor Dayton King a few years ago at Boulevard Elementary School, where both of our children attend school. We were volunteering at the school book fair when he was first running for mayor and my initial impression was what a nice guy that he was. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know him and his family both on a personal and professional level. What I have seen is that Mayor King is a dedicated, caring and involved family man and mayor of this city. I believe he has gained quite a bit of experience in being our mayor these past few years. He’s engaged directly with people, out in the community, and truly cares about the opinions and concerns of the people and making Gloversville an even better place to live and raise our families.

On a personal level, he has handled the difficulties that his family has faced, and still faces, from unwarranted public criticism and personal attacks with great dignity, professionalism and good character. His level of personal contact and involvement with the people of our community leaves a lasting impression on those who really know him. In my opinion, this is what makes him worthy of a second term as our mayor.

On a personal note, for the many years before I moved here from a much larger city, I never knew our mayor. I can’t even remember his name. But here in this smaller city that I call home, I will always remember Mayor Dayton King, and so will my daughter.