Community has been generous for rink

“Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow and whatever is rigid and blocked will atrophy and die” – Tao of Leadership

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Lucius N. Littauer Community Ice Rink in Gloversville, as well as all of the volunteers who, over the past three years, have made this rink possible and free for the community.

When the volunteers took on this task three years ago, we had one mission: to make the best free outdoor rink in New York State for Gloversville and the surrounding communities. Over the past three years, we have progressed from an outdoor NHL-sized rink to an Olympic-sized rink. Our vision for future ice skating in our community is lofty but attainable. We want to see youth hockey leagues, lessons, free skating for the larger community, and to have a local winter activity anyone can enjoy.

Through generous donations and help from other local volunteers, we have been able to create the rink you skate on today. We want to continue to give Gloversville the positive attention it deserves. With so many great people in this community, we have enjoyed our work at the rink.

With the attention the rink has received recently, there have been numerous offers to provide a rink site elsewhere for us to maintain and to grow. We will discuss our goals and future with the interested private locations and will make a decision in the spring.

I have felt overjoyed from the response of the community. My wife and I will be writing personal letters to the generous community members to garner their input on the best way to use the donations made for the future of the rink and the betterment of our community. Thank you again.

If you have any questions or would like to help in our mission, please feel free to email me at