Completion of new deli expected by April 30

The construction of the new convenience store that will house the Fulton Street Deli is under way, and the management is hopeful it will be able to change buildings by the end of April.

“They haven’t given us a date yet, but they tell us they will have the building up with heat in it by the end of the month,” Manager Arnie Simonson said. “I am thinking best-case scenario we will be in the building in late April, but I really don’t know – I haven’t been given an exact date.”

The exterior structure of the new convenience store is being erected and will replace the former Mendetta’s service station garage.

The Fulton Street Deli, formerly Mendetta’s, will remain open during construction of the new store.

Donna Simonson owns the business and leases the space from Sharon, Conn.-based GRJH Inc., which is building the new store after it agreed to replace the structures as part of a lease agreement.

The property owner already demolished the old service station and has begun to build the convenience store. After the new store opens, the existing Fulton Street Deli, located on the same property, will close and then be demolished to make room for more parking, according to the plan.

The products, deli, staff and management will remain the same, Arnie Simonson said.

The new convenience store will allow for additional products in the store by providing more space and also will have additional benefits, including lighting that will improve the area surrounding the store.

“It is going to benefit the corner tremendously,” Arnie Simonson said. “It is going to be really well lit. This corner is a dark corner right now, and we are really going to brighten up this corner.”

He also said the changes include plans for ample parking, landscaping and picnic tables.

Local engineer Steve Smith is designing the project, which has included demolishing the old garage service station building between North Judson and Allen streets and replacing it with a 3,000-square-foot convenience store, extensive landscaping and additional parking.

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