Second Amendment’s integrity compromised

The purpose for this letter primarily is to quash the ridiculous statements made by Mr. Douglas E. Kampfer in a letter published Feb. 12, as well as to be a voice of reason.

We do have a Second Amendment right, Mr. Kampfer, to bear arms, no one is disputing that.

However, the integrity of this amendment has been compromised time and time again. At its conception, assault weapons, “mega” round magazines, etc., were implausible. It is crucial to constantly acclimate to the changing world.

No one needs to posess any of the aforementioned weaponry except police and military. There is no critical need to posess these weapons on an individual basis. Quite frankly, Mr. Kampfer, your thoughts are cause for concern. You mention the events of Sept. 11, 2001, so I ask you, did the possession of assault weapons by civilians deter or defend that attack?

No one is going to take our sanctioned and sensible firearms away from us, sir, but we do need to establish a more obtrusive line in the proverbial sand.

I own several firearms and am proud to do so, but in a responsible and competent fashion. Please, Mr. Kampfer, use our local forums for clear and rational thought.