Parent notes concerns about grading policy

GLOVERSVILLE – One concerned parent at the city school district’s Board of Education meeting recently said she fears students aren’t being pushed hard enough with the new district-wide grading policy passed by the board last year.

Julie Washburn, a parent of two students in the district, said her children are no longer on the honor roll because they aren’t being assigned enough homework to prepare them for exams and other course curriculum that weigh heavily on a student’s overall grade.

Superintendent Michael Vanyo said the district is constantly evaluating the grading policy, and at the end of the year, officials will, “see if it needs to be changed.”

The policy prevents teachers from counting homework for more than 10 percent of a student’s final grade.

Vanyo asked Washburn if that percentage should be increased.

She responded that the decision should be left to individual teachers.

In other district news, a new club formed that partners with a presentation many of the students heard in December called The Friends of Rachel Club.

The club provides the opportunity for students to partner with Rachel’s Challenge to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion throughout the district and community.

According to meeting documents the main goal of the club is to help create permanent cultural change in schools.

The middle school has already carried out a project by having the school community dress in pink to support one of the staff members who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. They also made a supportive video for her that involved students and staff member messages.

The club is open for any student or staff member to attend and will be meeting twice a month for the remainder of the school year.

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