Communities eligible for $8 million in grants

FONDA – Mohawk Valley region communities are eligible for $8 million in grant funding through the second round of the state’s Regional Council initiative.

The six counties in the Mohawk Valley Regional Development Council -including Fulton and Montgomery – are invited to propose projects for a piece of the Community Block Development Grant funds available through the initiative, according to a news release from the council.

The funding was discussed at a Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency meeting Thursday.

“What we are doing now is working on a process to solicit and encourage projects that may be out there,” IDA Chief Executive Officer Ken Rose said Thursday.

According to the release, the council, in partnership with New York State Homes & Community Renewal, will make $8 million in Community Renewal Fund resources available to eligible communities for housing rehabilitation, public infrastructure, public facilities and economic development activities, primarily for the benefit of low- to moderate-income individuals.

Eligible applicants must be from local governments with populations of less than 50,000, or counties with fewer than 200,000 residents. A pre-submission form is required no later than 4 p.m. March 8. The form is available on the council’s website or by email request. To request a form, email

Applications most consistent with the council’s strategic plan will get priority, the news release said. To view the plan, visit the website

Eligible applicants must apply on behalf of a business seeking funds for economic development purposes. Projects receiving CDBG funds will be expected to agree to contract terms by June 2013 and are required to be completed within two years, the release said.

“We don’t want people to fill out a 120 page application for the project if they aren’t going to qualify.”

Rose said he could not speak to specific projects, but many possible project could include public hearings and government support.

“Some of these are private projects, you have to have a municipal sponsor,” Rose said.

An exact time when the winning projects would be announced was not established, but Rose said the winners could be released in May.

“For grant purposes, this is a pretty quick turnaround time,” Rose said.

Rose said that the Council received a large sum of money. The second highest award was $250,000, he said.

“In a nutshell, we will need projects submitted from municipalities by March 8 for the regional council,” Rose said.

Rose said he has heard from some municipalities on projects, so he expects applications.

In December, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced funding through grants to several Montgomery County projects. Among the projects is a $50 million indoor aquaculture facility that would produce more than 17 million pounds of fish annually could open in the Glen Canal View Business Park. TecMar NY’s project, which would create more than 175 jobs, will receive $1.4 million in state funding.

Other awarded projects in December include $1.37 million to Mohawk Fabric and $255,000 to the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency, $600,000 for the city of Amsterdam to implement a storm-sewer separation program, $425,000 to the city of Amsterdam to revitalize the city’s central business district, $100,000 for Richardson Brands in Canajoharie to buy new equipment and $40,000 to Fort Plain for the construction of the Old Military Road Trail.