Taking 2 steps backward

In reading The Leader-Herald’s Feb. 6 article about Fonda-Fultonville Central School District psychologist Michael Fraser’s sudden and unexpected dismissal, I was greatly disturbed.

Other than the new superintendent, who on the faculty or community was in on the decision? No one?

We are in a period of rapidly increasing violence in our schools and society in general. There is much talk in the news about the psychological well being of people in general and our children in particular. Is this the time to take two steps backward?

Isn’t it a shame students need to be counseled by outside agencies when we have a highly qualified and proven psychologist to care for our children.

Schools are unfortunately run by “bean counters” and by people hired to take the ax out, not in the name of helping children, but rather in helping the “bottom line.”

While sports programs are integral to all students, the role of a school psychologist is more critical to the general student population. I will not repeat all the examples from current students, past students and parents as to his effectiveness.

I encourage the district to reconsider its position and reinstate his position immediately – if not sooner.

I haven’t even touched on the outrageous elimination of a business education teacher and the entire program. How many schools have no business department? Is the district interested in encouraging students to enter the business world?

Why not? They were cut.


Retired FFCS teacher,