Writer wrong about King

I am writing in response to Susan Smith’s letter to the editor that was published in The Leader-Herald on Feb. 11.

I hope she’s not “offended” because I am a resident and taxpayer of the city and I totally disagree with her assessment of our mayor. I think Mayor King is doing an outstanding job and, for the first time in many years, I think an incumbent mayor of Gloversville deserves to be re-elected.

King demonstrates a deep caring and concern for our city and, while I don’t always agree with what he does, I think he does what he does with his heart in the right place.

Speaking of disagreeing with him, Smith states that if you don’t agree with him, you get banned and blocked on his Facebook page. I have disagreed plenty of times and am still on his “friends” list. Perhaps her problem lies in the way she disagreed. I stand behind his right to block anyone who is disrespectful or rude (if that’s his reason for doing so). I would do the same myself.

I also stand behind his right to spend a day at the slopes with his family and not at the armory. He is a public servant, but is certainly entitled to time off.

Speaking as a taxpayer and resident of the city of Gloversville, I support Mayor King for re-election. He’s a good man with the city’s best interests at heart.