Deer caught on fence recovering

AMSTERDAM – It was a rare and unfortunate sight: a deer caught on an iron fence on Upper Market Street.

The 2-year-old buck’s rear, right leg was stuck and cut on spikes in the fence.

After police were notified of the situation Sunday morning, they called state wildlife rehabilitator Sarah McDaniel-Austin to help remove the deer, who was still alive and struggling.

McDaniel-Austin said the deer probably had tried to jump the fence.

“What happened is most likely the leg was caught, and when the deer came down, it was most likely impaled,” McDaniel-Austin said.

McDaniel-Austin said the deer had to be sedated before crews could move in and take the deer off of the fence.

She brought the deer to her rehabilitation center, Avian Experience Sarah’s Birds of Prey, in the town of Johnstown.

The deer suffered extensive injuries, she said, and his leg had to be surgically amputated.

McDaniel-Austin said Wednesday the deer is alive and recovering at her center.

She said the deer could have come into Amsterdam to search for food, as deer sometimes do in the winter.

Members of the Amsterdam Police Department gave the deer the name Hyde, after the late Amsterdam Patrolman Joseph Hyde.

McDaniel-Austin said the deer’s future is uncertain. Depending on how he recovers, he could be released back into the wild or sent to a wildlife sanctuary.

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