CEO gets ‘blood money’

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre the gun industry was the beneficiary of a 400 percent rise in gun sales. Historically, there has been a jump in gun sales after every sick, outrageous massacre.

Although I admit that I also considered buying a gun at that time, it became clear to me that their spokesman and lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, had become a beneficiary of each murderous outrage.

The National Rifle Association’s $970,000 CEO will certainly have no incentive to stop lying and obstructing federal action to stop the killing.

So the correlation between murder and gun sales going out of control coupled with the bribing of congressmen to kill federal action to control this madness continues to be a win-win formula for LaPierre and a lose-lose situation for the rest of us. Congressmen who receive bribes from this lobbyist and vote to perpetuate this cycle of murdering innocent people will also have blood on their hands.

If that is not a definition of “blood money” I don’t know what is.