County shows support for Red Cross

American Red Cross Blood Services began conducting bloodmobiles in Fulton County in 1979. The first one was in Johnstown. Gradually the towns throughout the county became involved. What fantastic number of people I have volunteered with over the past 34 years.

First, the donors who faithfully attend community visits enabling blood services to collect an adequate blood supply for patients in need. There are also businesses who conduct bloodmobiles on their site for employees.

Next, the sponsors who allow blood services to use their sites for community visits. They appoint a liaison to handle arrangements, furniture and to recruit canteen volunteers.

Schools in the county also are sponsors. A faculty adviser works with the students to recruit student donors and other student volunteers for registration and canteen. How great it is to see all these young donors.

For more than 20 years there were local donor recruitment committees. The chairman had calling teams who contacted donors to set up appointments. The responsibility was transferred to regional blood services. This affected our feeling of family, but augmented the blood supply.

Then there is this very special group of dedicated, capable and loyal women (yes, and some men, too) who have manned the bloodmobile stations for years. They greet you, keep statistics and serve as donor observers at canteens – all volunteers. The regional staff appreciates having capable assistants to work with to assure a safe and pleasant experience for the donor.

I applaud all of the above for your continued support of the American Red Cross Blood Services.