Authorities to release new information in 2010 stabbing death

JOHNSTOWN – Authorities plan to release new information Thursday in the investigation of the 2010 Gloversville stabbing death of Brian Morrison.

The Gloversville Police Department and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office have scheduled a news conference for Thursday morning.

Morrison, who lived in Johnstown, was fatally stabbed July 6, 2010, while walking home from a Gloversville bar, authorities said. Morrison was found stabbed in the neck on Bleecker Street after midnight.

“The purpose of the press conference is to make public a new investigative information that may prove critical in bringing the investigation into the death of Brian Morrison to a close,” an announcement from District Attorney Louise Sira stated.

No further information about the case will be provided until Thursday’s news conference, Sira said.

Sira, Gloversville Detective Sgt. Michael Jory and Rebecca Morrison, widow of Brian Morrison, are scheduled to speak at the news conference, according to the announcement.

Derek A. “Deke” Kenney of Mayfield was charged with second-degree murder in the case on July 9, 2010, but authorities later dismissed the charges after Kenney’s attorneys argued grand-jury proceedings against Kenney were tainted because some witnesses lied. Kenney has sued authorities, claiming his rights were violated.

Last June, authorities charged Derrick R. Paul of St. Johnsville in the case. Paul was charged with robbery and assault for allegedly robbing the 42-year-old Morrison the night of July 6, 2010, before Morrison was found stabbed. Paul was not charged in the stabbing. Paul pleaded not guilty to the charges and has been awaiting trial.