Demeaning others wrong

The front page of The Leader-Herald on Feb. 2 was very interesting indeed. The total destruction of three lives was the headline and under that a picture of a school principal with food cascading down his face with a sixth-grade boy standing over him.

Every day we hear of personal rights and boundaries being violated in the news. We discuss anti-bullying and gun control and how to make our environment safe for all. Our goals are honorable, but we seem to be failing to achieve them. A fundraiser is a wonderful way to teach compassion and empathy.

However, violating the personal space of a principal in a demeaning manner seems not to be suitable reward, especially in the very place where we are trying to teach respect. Children may not listen to all that we say, but they do watch everything that we model for them.

Most of our problems would be eliminated if we would only ask “is this respectful of the rights of self and others? We are all entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Doing the right thing for no reason other than it is the right thing to do is its own reward.


Fort Plain