Dog pulled out of Mohawk River

GLEN – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and volunteer firefighters rescued a dog from the Mohawk River on Sunday morning.

According to Jd Downing, Glen volunteer fire chief, pedestrians reported seeing a dog trapped in the river around 10:45 a.m. Sunday, east of the bridge near Fonda and Fultonville. The volunteer fire departments from Fonda and Fultonville responded. They then called the Glen Volunteer Fire Department, the Montgomery County Fire Coordinator, Emergency Management Office personnel and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

Downing said he and a fellow firefighter donned ice rescue suits and attempted to reach the river bank via the sewer treatment plant access road adjacent to the Fonda Speedway.

However, the dog swam to the other side of the bridge, leading the rescuers to drive across to the other side. Rescuers managed to grab the dog and bring her in, he said.

Downing said the dog is staying at a veterinary clinic to recuperate. The dog’s owner has been notified.