Mayor not listening to all city residents

This letter is a rebuttal to the accolades given to our mayor from non-residents. I am a city resident, taxpayer and voter. The letters written by people who dare to tell me who should be our mayor offend me when they do not live in our city, they probably don’t pay taxes in our city, and they have no vote in our city.

The letter writers give credit to Mr. King for accomplishments he had no hand in whatsoever. He did nothing to facilitate the opening of the Regional Animal Shelter in our city, not even lifting a paint brush, but he did show up at the grand opening for his photo-op.

One letter writer from Johnstown gushed about his “accomplishments” without naming a single one. Another writer from Mayfield lauded his use of Facebook “to learn the concerns and interests of his community” and wrote “He most certainly goes out of his way to address each and every person’s opinion or concern.”

Yes, as long as they coincide and agree with his.

If not, taxpaying citizens are banned and blocked from his Mayor Dayton King Facebook page.

Mr. King could not take the time to attend the ceremony for our National Guard soldiers returning from the Middle East, instead choosing to go snowboarding at a local ski facility. He does, however, find the time to attend a local beauty pageant, a baseball dinner in another county and a gun rally in Albany.

Finally, one of his most egregious acts, in my opinion, was the shoddy and totally disrespectful treatment of our fire chief, Beth Whitman-Putnam, the first female fire chief in the whole state of New York. This act was inexcusable, as were all of the others.

Speaking as a resident, taxpayer and voter in the city of Gloversville, this is not the individual I want for our next mayor.