Congratulations to center for efforts

The United Way of Fulton County is always striving to enhance our services and assistance of programs, and to strengthen our capacity and effectiveness in our community. I’d like to offer my congratulations to the Senior Citizens Service Center of Gloversville & Fulton County, a United Way partner agency, for its efforts in helping its facility stay open.

United Way supports the senior center’s health and wellness programs and services by contributing $3,150 annually. The majority of the participants at the center are age 75 and older, many living well below a reasonable financial level.

As reflected in a recent UW quarterly report (required of all UW agencies to receive funding),

” the short-term goal for our clients is to increase awareness of the benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The center’s most important goal is to provide their clients an environment in which they feel comfortable asking the tough/unmentionable health questions. Without funding assistance from the United Way of Fulton County, our health and wellness program would not be possible!”

While the economy presents a threat to any organization’s financial goal, our deep and strong commitment to helping our community is revitalized as increased needs are being presented and met.

Programs supported through the United Way of Fulton County help build strong families, encourage the success of all children, and promote health and independence, providing a community safety net for young, old and even our four-pawed friends.

We at United Way are pleased to partner with the Senior Citizens Service Center of Gloversville & Fulton County and wish it continued success.

Taking care of our senior population should be a priority in Fulton County.


Executive director,

United Way of Fulton?County