Planning Board OKs conversion, additions in Gloversville

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Planning Board held its regular meeting Tuesday where two public hearings were held on the proposed residential conversion of a Cayadutta Street residence and the proposed additions to the True Value Hardware store.

No one from the public spoke during the two scheduled public hearings, and both properties were granted permission to begin the work.

The owner of the hardware store, Chad Taback, plans to build two additions onto the True Value Hardware store on East Fulton Street. The project also includes work on the parking lot and a new loading docks.

At the last meeting, Taback said the plan for the curb cut in the northeastern corner of the lot will be to keep it closed off for trucks making deliveries, which will eliminate the chance of customers using it as an additional entry or exit.

The delivery entry also will allow trucks to back directly up to the loading dock that is planned.

The first addition – a new display area – will be on the north side of the building and will be about 60-feet-by-12-feet.

Taback previously said the display area will keep his merchandise out of the weather and improve safety because merchandise will no longer be displayed in the parking lot.

The front addition will be a three-season addition, he said, meaning it will not be heated in the winter.

The second addition will be on the south side of the building. That addition would be approximately 14-feet-by-74-feet in size and will be used as a new merchandise-storage area.

Taback also plans to bring the propane filling station to a viewable area near the store to get people to drop off their tanks for refilling 50 feet from the entrance.

Taback also said he planned to build a new sign that would be no larger than 30 square feet.

The Planning Board unanimously approved the addition and work at the site on the stipulation the top of the sign erected will not stand above 20 feet.

Conversion approved

The proposal by Don Chase Company and Eileen Arrow for the conversion of the first floor of 22 Cayadutta St. into a residential loft apartment also was approved by the Planning Board.

The proposal required the addition of a full shower and kitchen to the space to create the residential unit. The building was previously a small dance studio.

The revised drawing presented to the board last month displayed no exterior changes to the actual building but did show exterior lighting on the west and north sides of the building.

At the previous meeting, board member Geoffrey Peck said there should be curbing or landscaping in the parking area to prevent motorists from using the lot as a cut-through.

Board Chairman William Ferguson agreed because it would designate the area for parking.

At the meeting Tuesday, the board was presented with an updated site plan that included a concrete barrier to prevent cut-through traffic.