Bad guys going to ‘gun-free zones’ first

What happened to the times when we could leave our houses and cars unlocked and didn’t have to worry about someone breaking in?

You could walk down a street at night, without looking over your shoulder when hearing footsteps behind you.

Our culture has sure changed since then.

Now, it seems we have two-legged predators around us who are in the game of taking from us what we have worked honestly to get. These outlaws seem to copy their four-legged fellow creatures in that they always go after the weak and most defenseless among us.

It seems brave and the thing to do to proclaim your home or public institution a “gun-free zone.”

Very brave and very foolish. These are the places where the bad guys go first.

It does seem that some of our politicians want to make all of our homes “gun-free zones.”

Please wake up.


Caroga Lake