Region must work together for growth

On Dec. 6, the Fulton-Montgomery Region CEO Roundtable sponsored a City Revitalization Symposium. We had a great turnout of local business leaders, elected officials, interested citizens and media. The mayor of Auburn, N.Y., spoke about the steps that community has taken to revitalize its city. They have made impressive progress. We also heard from area developers who are working in neighboring communities. These developers were very encouraging about the potential in our community.

The outcome of the symposium was very positive and many agreed the next steps for our communities are to work regionally in our two counties with all municipalities in mind. Collaboration and cooperation will raise the economic prosperity of the entire region.

As president of Alpin Haus, with two locations in Montgomery County, I see our area as a region. Our employees and customers come from both counties and the greater region as a whole. We have been in business for 49 years and know that to be successful, you must continually adapt to change. Our communities must do the same so that we can grow. Growth is necessary, both in population and in business development. We need growth for our area in order to increase our property- and sales-tax base.

Activity breeds activity and leads to momentum. We have had a lot of success stories in our communities over the past few years. Growth in any of our cities, towns or villages is good for the whole area. I encourage all of us who live in this region to work together, be positive and get involved.


President, Alpin Haus