County sales tax figures increase

Fulton County posted an increase in sales tax revenue from the 2011 fourth quarter to the 2012 fourth quarter, according to sales tax figures released Friday by Fulton County Treasurer Terry Blodgett.

The Cities of Johnstown and Gloversville also saw increases, however, several towns and villages posted losses from the 2011 fourth quarter to 2012.

The county, along with the town and villages, brought in $17.9 million in 2012

The county’s sales tax increased by $36,000 compared to 2011 with a total of just over $4.5 million, while the towns and villages saw a decrease just shy of $10,000.

Leading the town and villages in losses was the town of Johnstown with a decrease of almost $17,000.

Town Supervisor Nancy MacVean said she believes it’s because people aren’t spending as much, but she hadn’t yet talked with Blodgett about the numbers.

Meanwhile, Gloversville saw an increase just under $33,000, and Johnstown saw an increase just over $23,000.

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King was very pleased with the increase and believes it was due to people shopping locally more often.

“We’re excited. We just need people to continue to buy local,” King said. “People are going to by gas, and when they by gas, they should by it local so we get the sales tax. By 2014, we’re hopefully going to be seeing a lot more.”

He said estimates show when the Walmart Supercenter opens in the the summer, the city is expecting an increase of $600,000 to $800,000 in annual sales tax revenue.

He said that increased income could reduce property taxes in the city.

Blodgett said the increase for the county was minimal – that he was expecting more of an increase.

He did think the overall 2012 numbers were impressive, though.

“It’s the largest amount of sales tax since the inclusion of sales tax. We have a feeling that it’s picking up,” Blodgett said. “That could be a great sign for us right about now.”

Johnstown city Treasurer Michael Gifford said the city exceeded it’s projections of sales tax revenue by $90,000 in 2012. He believes that is due primarily to retail sales

“Certainly we want to see the activity we’ve seen,” Gifford said. “If your driving on 30A at noon time on a Friday, as I did today, you want to see that traffic.”