Anti-hunting groups strong

The merger of the two largest anti-hunting organizations, The Fund for Animals and the Humane Society of the United States – which should never be confused with local humane societies – has created an entity with the combined solidified support from similar groups throughout the United States and virtually the entire planet. It now has an estimated working budget of $102 million.

To say that the sport of hunting is already under a tremendous negative onslaught via national magazines, television and newspaper media outlets is putting it mildly, especially with the horrible massacre of innocent schoolchildren being used, unbelievably, by the anti-hunting advocates to further advance their overall agendas at every opportunity.

The continued observation by the HSUS vice president that “The end of hunting is no more than a generation away” is the accepted battle cry for many of the anti-hunting movements.

Governmental legislation is the method of choice that is already being utilized, quite successfully, in federal, state, county and other municipal legislative bodies to prevent voters from considering pro-hunting legislation. Planned animal protection lawsuits – along with cultivating potential future support among students – are already being quietly pursued.

All of those outdoor sportsmen and women who still steadfastly believe the anti-hunting advocates are definitely not all that powerful a political force should seriously consider what recently took place in the New York State Legislature. Revisit the passage of the new restrictive gun ownership laws and consider exactly how that momentous event was accomplished.