Cheers and jeers

JEERS – To no answers. We echo Gloversville City Attorney Anthony Casale’s comment, “I respectfully disagree with the court’s decision.” The decision he is referring to involves the court’s rejection of the city’s request to obtain records from the Fulton County Economic Development Corp. and the Crossroads Incubator Corp. The city is trying to recover $750,000 from the agencies. The money originally was allocated to Gloversville. More importantly, the funds came from taxpayers. Apparently, the city doesn’t have the right to request records, and the taxpayers and media can’t get them because the agency is designated as a private, nonprofit organization. It’s unfortunate the agencies will not disclose the information, which should be available via a simple phone call. The legal battle is costing the city money.

JEERS – To leaving a mess. The former owners of a North Market Street property in Johnstown deserve to be placed in the “Hall of Shame” of those who contribute to blight and abandon the responsibilities that come with property ownership. The city, now the owners, has begun to clean up the mess left behind. City workers started removing heaps of auto debris, other garbage and close to 8,000 tires. The cost already has exceeded $10,000. We applaud the city’s efforts in knowing the value of cleaning up the property and getting it ready for future use. The cleanup should have been someone else’s task, but the owners failed to pick up after themselves.

CHEERS – To supporting your local sheriff. We aren’t referring to the 1960s Western comedy film, but to the actions taken by the Fulton County Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee. The committee unanimously voted to stand behind the New York State Sheriffs’ Association’s position that parts of the NY SAFE Act are too broad. The measure requires revisions. We support the association’s effort and the county committee’s support, but it’s possible the state will make no changes to the act. If it stands, law-enforcement officials must be prepared to enforce the law regardless of their opinions of it.