Jury deliberating in murder trial

FONDA – The jury was deliberating this afternoon in the murder trial of Ivan Ramos.

The deliberations began after closing statements this morning.

On Thursday, the prosecution rested and Ramos’ attorney declined to call any witnesses.

Ramos is accused of stabbing and killing William McDermott, 56, and Cheryl Goss, 46, on March 2 at McDermott’s 359 Locust Ave. apartment in Amsterdam.

Ramos, 30, of Amsterdam was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Ramos is on trial in Montgomery County Court.

After District Attorney James “Jed” Conboy presented DNA evidence that claims Ramos was at the scene, the prosecution rested Thursday.

After a lunch break Thursday, Defense Attorney Mark Juda said that after numerous discussions with his client, they decided Ramos will not take the stand. In addition, Juda called no witnesses.

“The defense rests, your honor,” Juda said to Montgomery County Judge Felix Catena.

Juda said Ramos did not want to testify or call witnesses.

In testimony Thursday, Brian Murphy, a forensic scientist for the state police, said Ramos’ blood was found at the scene, mixed with several other blood samples belonging to McDermott and Goss. Murphy also said Ramos’ blood was on the shoe that Conboy says created shoe prints at the scene.

According to Murphy’s testimony, six different DNA profiles were found. He said he found DNA from McDermott, Goss, Ramos, two unidentified females and one unidentified male.

Murphy said the DNA from the unidentified male was on a sink, while the two females’ DNA was on tissues and a napkin.

In cross-examination, Juda asked if any DNA was found in the hallway or under the fingernails of McDermott or Goss. Murphy said none was found.