Mayor, council need to help fire dept.

What is wrong with the mayor and Common Council of Gloversville?

I was born and raised in Gloversville. I left a few years after graduation in 1961.

A fire department needs good firefighters and good trucks. Now they have just two firetrucks for the city and the mayor and council may cut firefighters?

It seems to me, after calling the fire chief and talking to her, she has her hands full. The city’s ISO rating may go higher than this man’s. That means higher insurance rates for homeowners and business owners.

When I took control of the volunteer fire department in my town, we had a ISO rating of 10, which is very high. Now we are an 8b, which is much lower in insurance. Of course, we are a rural community.

The people and business owners need to get the fire department back to where it needs to be.

I can’t believe there is no aerial truck. They can’t keep depending on another department as one day they won’t be there because they will busy themselves.

One of these days, mayor and city council, you will get caught with your guard down with a big fire and no help.

Stop and take care of the city and fire department. What’s next? No police department either?

It seems the city needs a change of leadership.


Buffalo, Ind.