H.S. Bowling Roundup: Glens Falls defeats B-P

AMSTERDAM – Justin Jones rolled games of 245 and 247 on his way to a 663 series, leading Glens Falls to a 3-1 win over Broadalbin-Perth in a Foothills Council bowling match at Kelly’s Imperial Bowling Center on Tuesday.

Meghan Ryan recorded a 235-580 for Glens Falls, Codi Pennock posted a 215-551 and Ian Dingman added a 241-548.

Cody Husek led Broadalbin-Perth with a 221-582, while Jordan Holik rolled a 222-581. Matt Frisch recorded a 242-554 for the Patriots and Chris Smith added a 190-523.

The Indians finished with a 3,323-3,193 advantage in total pins.

Queensbury 4, Johnstown 0

LAKE GEORGE – Darren Clark rolled games of 257, 257 and 246 to post a 760 series, leading Queensbury to a sweep of Johnstown at Spare Time Lanes.

Shannen Schill recorded a 225-616 for the Spartans, while Marc Lambert finished with a 246-611. Alec Fazio added a 221-594 for Queensbury.

Jim Marshall led Johnstown with a 212-604, while Jay Hadcock posted a 200-531. Morgan Ruggeri added a 200-544 for Johnstown.

Queensbury finished with a 3,731-3,141 advantage in total pins.


Berne-Knox-Westerlo 4, Mayfield 0

COBLESKILL – Derek Hempstead rolled a 232-603 to lead Berne-Knox-Westerlo to a sweep of Mayfield at Cobleskill Bowling Center.

Dylan Hempstead posted a 170-526 for the Bulldogs, who finished with a 2,554-2,213 advantage in total pins.

Anthony Brandow posted a 172-498 to lead Mayfield, while Jordan Hastings rolled a 193-457.

Canajoharie 3, Middleburgh 1

CANAJOHARIE – Bailey Pitonza rolled a 226-621 to lead Canajoharie to a win over Middleburgh at Iroquois Lanes.

Mike Bowman posted a 225-584 recorded a 225-584 for the Cougars, while Travis Colegrove added a 220-558.

Hunter Guest rolled a 235-585 to lead Middleburgh, while William Miaski added 195-573.

Canajoharie finished with a 2,897-2,726 advantage in total pins.

Colonial Council

Schalmont 18, Fonda-Fultonville 14

ROTTERDAM – Derek Barkman rolled a 234-650 to lead Schalmont to a win over Fonda-Fultonville.

Jason Mills posted a 226-618 for the Sabres, while Christian Lynch added a 244-616.

Rob O’Kosky rolled games of 287 and 258 on his way to a 714 series to lead Fonda-Fultonville. Ethan Gifford added a 244-631 for the Braves, while Lucas Squadrito added a 190-522.

Schalmont finished with a 3,448-3,294 advantage in total pins.



Mayfield 4, Berne-Knox-Westerlo 0

COBLESKILL – Selena Barber rolled a 233-585 to lead Mayfield to a sweep.

Cassie Hammond posted a 188-550 for the Lady Panthers, while Carly Poyfair had a 199-522. Cheyan Pilchen rolled a 171-467 for Mayfield, while Virginia Johnson added a 167-463.

Faith Gaddis finished with a 168-456 to lead BKW.

Mayfield finished with a 2,621-1,560 advantage in total pins.

Middleburgh 4, Canajoharie 0

CANAJOHARIE – Brittany Nelson registered a 171-493 to lead Middleburgh to a sweep.

Catherine Deuel posted a 156-416 for the Knights, who finished with a 2,030-1,532 advantage in total pins.

Kiara Putnam led Canajoharie with a 173-473, while Courtney Cyr added a 115-285.

Colonial Council

Schalmont 26, Fonda-Fultonville 6

ROTTERDAM – Amanda LaBelle finished with a 190-546 to lead Schalmont to a win over Fonda-Fultonville.

Sam Sweet rolled a 199-507 to lead Fonda-Fultonville, while Guilyan O’Kosky added a 170-456.

Schalmont finished with a 2,722-2,219 advantage in total pins.