Advertise in yearbook

The students in the Gloversville High School marketing class have created an educational unit in which they are assisting the yearbook staff on a community-based project. The marketing class is working on an advertising campaign to encourage companies, non-profit associations and professional groups to place advertisements in this year’s Gloversville High School yearbook, better know as the “GHS Oracle.”

The “GHS Oracle” was established in 1917. Over the course of time, this publication has been viewed by a large number of individuals. Placing an advertisement in “GHS Oracle” will not only promote your establishment, but will exhibit the value your organization places on education within our community.

Any group interested in placing an advertisement in the 2013 GHS yearbook, please contact the GHS yearbook advisers at 775-5710 or by email at The deadline is Thursday. We hope you realize the value of placing an advertisement in this year’s GHS 2013 yearbook.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.


GHS Yearbook Advisors