Mayor uses social media to help public

I am writing in regards to the amazing things that Mayor Dayton King has done for our community as mayor of Gloversville.

Mayor King is concerned about the well-being of each individual he represents. I am a person who works with animals often, and when the new shelter was established, I was concerned with finding out if it was a kill shelter. Mayor King personally found out this information for me – it is not – to put my mind at ease and informed me of the shelter’s great intentions.

That is one of the many examples, as many citizens of Fulton County use the mayor’s Facebook page to express their concerns.

Facebook and social media are tools Mayor King uses to learn the concerns and interests of his community so he can make Gloversville the best place it can be. He most certainly goes out of his way to address each and every person’s opinion or concern.

If you walk down Main Street in Gloversville, you will notice that there are some empty store windows. Mayor King has a great marketing plan to promote the city of Gloversville as a place to live or to start a business, which I can assure you, he will completely support as he does other new businesses.

He has a number of great ideas to boost our economy, to provide recreational opportunities and to make sure we have above-average safety and public services for Fulton County.

If I had more than 400 words to write about the abundance of good Mayor Dayton King has done for our community, I would surely be able to fill this whole page. I want to thank Mayor Dayton King for all of his hard work and dedication, and I also want to urge the citizens of Fulton County to support this great public figure in his upcoming re-election campaign.